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If you love your pet- don't go to a Banfield place or take the wellness bullshit insurance-it's a gimmick!!! What do you call a vet student that graduates witha 65%?? A Banfield employee- these are people who can't get a job because they don't know the difference between a dog or a cat- please -if you cherish you pet take them to a real doctor and don't fall for this shopping center gimmick- you don't save any money and your pet suffers

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Vet missed skin lesion on the center of the belly
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Over $1000

Springer Spaniel

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1 - 8

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Posted: 05/04/2012

Vet students don't graduate with a 65% FYI. Any "D" in vet school leads to the dismissal of that student. You may have a bad experience with one Banfield vet, do not judge them all based on that one person. I graduated as 2nd highest in my veterinary class and decided to work for a Banfield. Why? Because they offer some of the best health care around that can support my family. And.. one more thing, any vet that has graduated in the united states is a REAL doctor and it does not matter where they practice.

Posted: 06/18/2012

Excuse me are we supposed to feel comforted by the fact that you chose Banfield because they provide good health insurance??? That's great for your family but I want a Vet who chooses his/her practice on where he/she can provide the most quality care. Where he/she sees each pet as a family member, not just a Wellness Scam number. I have used two different Banfields and I have yet to experience that quality one on one care that a Vet in a private practice can provide. A Vet that knows me and my pets on a personal basis. Good luck in your corporate driven career.

Posted: 10/19/2012

Not to be a jerk but the wellness plan in not insurance, it states that clearly on it, learning to read should be your first propriety, before opening your mouth

Posted: 12/23/2013

Yes, to support your family. Not what is best for the animals you service ! I get better care for less at a discount clinic at a animal shelter than at Banfield. Much more inexpensive also! The vet do not listen to your concerns, are more interested in upselling their supposed pet insurance! Who pays for your great health insurance? The pet parents you guilt trip and upsell too! How do you sleep at night?