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My 1 year old Lab ate a lobsterman's glove -- yes, that heavy duty rubber glove that goes to the elbow. She ripped off the fingers and ate them then ate the rest of the glove. She vomited the fingers over a few days. We eventually needed to bring her in due to a few days of vomiting bile. After x-rays and exams (($300+ at this point), they found that the rest of the glove had not passed yet it wouldn't come up, either. It was stuck in her stomach -- a good thing. OPTION 1: put her under anesthesia and use a scope to remove it. Minimally invasive and she'd go home later that day. Rapid recovery. Cost to me: $950. OPTION 2: put her under anesthesia, surgically open her stomach, remove the glove, internal stitches and external staples, very invasive, higher risk, longer recovery. Cost to me: $950. I chose Option 1, as it was less risky for the dog and promised a rapid recovery. No risk of problems or mishaps. VPI reimbursed around $200 after submitting a total of $1200 (scope, X-rays, exams). Had I chosen surgery, I would have been reimbursed $900. VPI's REASON: A scope is a medical "procedure" (so is lancing a zit) and not highly reimbursable. Surgery is "surgery" and highly reimbursable. Ridiculous.

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