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After spending $800 at this vet on an emergency for what was later described as a very simple cheap procedure by my regular vet, I had no issue doing the following a week later: A. Banfield is a scam, yes. If you find yourself in the position of wanting to get out of the contract, call your card company and inform them that your card was lost/stolen. B. I signed up for the membership only to get my dogs teeth cleaned at a huge discount. FREE! (normally a $250 procedure). I had the teeth cleaning the day of signing up. It cost me the initial membership fee of $45 and the first months payment of $35 = total $80. C. I got home and canceled my card saying it was lost the night before. My card company asked about the Banfield charge, which I denied. I was informed by my card company that any transactions would be voided from the time I lost it. So the fees paid to Banfield were eliminated and my dog got her teeth cleaning for free! CANCELING CARD = 10 MINUTES OF MY TIME STICKING IT TO THE EVIL CORPORATION = PRICELESS

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Teeth cleaning
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Shiba Inu

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 11/01/2013

That's considered stealing.