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Our 8 month old German Shepherd Phoenix exhibited a limping in her left front leg. We took her to the vet where “pano” was indicated but while investigating that issue the vet discovered that the two lymph nodes on either side of her lower throat were greatly enlarged. Yikes!!!! He did a biopsy of one of the nodes along with extensive blood tests to try to find the cause. At this point we are not sure of the cause but have ruled out several of the more serious possibilities.
The total vet bill so far is $1068.08. I submitted documentation for the claim by email on Monday 9/10. That same day, Healthy Paws went to work on the claim, asking for some additional vet notes directly from the vet. The vet supplied the notes on Tuesday 9/11 at which time I got an email from Healthy Paws indicating that the information was complete and the claim was being processed. On Thursday 9/13 I received notification from Healthy Paws that the claim had been processed in an email which included the explanation of benefits. Notice that the claim was already processed on day 4.

So they are fast, but did they pay what the policy said would be paid? Yes, to the penny. My policy has an annual $250 deductible with 90% coverage. NOT covered is the exam fee of $36.50 (as stated in the policy), and so the calculation went as .9*(1068.08 – 36.50) – 250 = $678.42.

So they are fast, pay what they are supposed to pay, but are they pleasant to work with? Yes, definitely pleasant. I have communicate

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Pano and Swollen Lymph Nodes
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

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Under a year

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Posted: 10/01/2012

We appreciate the breakdown of your claim for folks using this site. We were all glad that Phoenix's lymph node problem wasn't something serious. Give your girl a big hug for us.


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