PetPlan saved us over $1000 again!

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Our 8-year-old dog had a cruciate tear to one leg two years ago before we had PetPlan. Most other insurance companies would automatically exclude coverage for a cruciate tear on the opposite leg as a pre-existing condition. PetPlan will pay for a cruciate tear on the opposite leg, so long as it's not within one year of the first tear. Our dog did tear his other cruciate recently, and since it was two years after the first tear, PetPlan reimbursed us $1500 for the surgery. Our dog also had a ruptured disc and had very expensive surgery by a veterinary neurologist. PetPlan paid the Bronze level policy maximum of $8000 for that surgery. So in two years PetPlan has paid almost $10,000 for approximately $1300 in policy premiums and two $200 deductibles (we have the 100% coverage after deductible).

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cruciate tear
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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