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Hedda is a very active young GSD and I plan to develop he into my next agility competition dog. I chose PetPlan with some reservations about how quickly or picky they would be about paying claims and also how complicated the process would be. I know insurance is a gamble but given my sport I thought it was worth it. Hedda injured her growth plate before it had closed and as a result the bone in her foreleg grew atypically. The surgery was $4000 and the follow up rehab added another $1000 plus. Petplan processed and covered the claim at 80% (that is my plan) and we had the check before it even hit our crdit card bill. The process is simple and vets are very accomodating at helping the process along (it is certainly in their interest to do so.) I have been very impressed with their efficiency, timeliness and accuracy. Thanks PetPlan! Hedda is on her way to full recovery and we have certainly gotten our moneys worth!

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Over $1000

German Shepherd

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Under a year

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