VPI made it very easy when disaster struck

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My 5 yr old Pug Odie recently had a sudden attack of vomiting, lethargy and wouldn't eat. I brought him to my Vet whom I trust completely and after the symptoms continued they suggested contrast xrays to see if he had eaten something that blocked him. Sure enough, he had a major blockage (tail of stuffed K**g dog toy) in his intestine and emergency surgery was scheduled the next morning. It was bad enough worrying we would possibly lose him but then scrambling to come up with a few thousand dollars. I submitted the first claim for tests and once he pulled through surgery and we had a sigh of relief, I submitted the surgery claim. Odie came home in a few days, good as new and I thought, perhaps we will get some of the vet bill back in a month or so. Less than two weeks later I received payment for all but $8 and the deductible of $250, which was around $2,400! No hassles, easy to file and I couldn't believe this was such a good decision to get VPI as I had decided to get it just 4 or 5 months earlier. Also, I want to say that when you call VPI they are so pleasant and genuinely caring that I wish they covered people as I would enroll! Satisfied in CT.

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