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I spent countless hours researching pet insurance. I made spreadsheets, read and re-read all the reviews I could find, I called the top 3 insurance companies on my list and spent hours on the phone with each one asking every question I could think of. In the end I picked PETPLAN. I am so thankful I did. PetPlan has been GREAT. Insurance is one of the things you buy and hope never to use. But unfortunately not long after we adopted our 2 rescues, Annie hurt her leg, diagnosis was a partial tear of her left cruciate ligament. But after months of resting and wearing a brace and not much progress she needed surgery. In the middle of all this, we also found out that my husband was going to need an open heart surgery due to an aortic aneurysm, it was almost more that I could handle, I was devastated and a complete wreck.
After the dust has cleared, what was a partial tear on one leg turned out to be a complete rupture on both back legs. We would have re-mortgage our house if it came to that, but luckily we didn't need to, PetPlan was there for us. They have reimbursed us 80% of her first TPLO, and I'm filing for the second knee now as they were done months apart. I have all the confidence in the world that PetPlan will be there for us years from now. I tell everybody who will listen (and even some that won't) about PetPlan. I am so grateful for them. If there was a job telling everybody about pet insurance and PetPlan, I would be first in line to apply.

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2 TPLO surgeries for both back legs.
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Over $1000

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1 - 8

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