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I have a Shih-tzu that is almost 8 yrs. old. When she was a puppy, I had VPI and found their set fees (on what they pay for claims)are not even close to the normal vet fees in my area. I did not re-new with VPI and went several years without pet insurance (I will never make that mistake again!) Ultimately, I did my homework and researched Pet Insurance. I went with Petplan and am so glad I did! My dog was diagnosed with a chronic illness that was costly to diagnose and will involve continued (expensive) testing and medications. My first policy with Petplan began in 02/10. So far they have paid almost $7,000 in claims. Needless to say, that is thousands more than I have paid in premiums. I would much prefer to have no claims and just have the insurance for peace of mind. That hasn't been my situation, and I am so grateful to have Petplan insurance not only for peace of mind but for paying my claims quickly and hassle free!
When comparing pet insurance, it's important to understand what the policy will actually cover. For instance, Trupanion reimburses at 90%, however they do not cover vet exam fees. In my experience, that would add up to a lot of non-covered fees that Petplan does cover, especially if your pet has a chronic illness that would require a specialist and/or multiple vet visits. With the the high cost of vet services and medications, I would not want to be without Petplan!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Shih Tzu

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1 - 8

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