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I just became insured with healthy paws pet insurance feb. 2012. After alot of research I felt it was the best for us. It only covers accidents and illnesses, not wellcare or any parasites or worms etc. I knew having a pup that puts everything in his mouth we could run into a problem, sure enough I was insured maybe a month and my dog ingested something toxic and needed to stay overnight at hospital and have his stomach pumped and be on an iv. They dont even take the dog until you hand them your credit card and you have to pay what they estimate which on the low side was 1500 and the high side was 2100. Luckily he was okay the next day and I was able to get him earlier than expected. The bill came to 955.00I figued out to the penny what the reimbursement would be. This company notified me when they recieved my claim and again after it was processes within the week my check for 715.00 was in hand. they dont pay for office visit and I have a 50.00 deductible the pay 90% after that. Buying this insurance was the best 35.00 a month I could have spent. They even followed up to see how the dog was doing. Even when you call them they are very professional and you get through right away. I highly recommend this company. Its great oh shit insurance.

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Toxic poisoning
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 03/31/2013

Not sure what the closing comments mean???? You should check that one out!