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I adopted Piper (Springer Spaniel/Border Collie mix) in July 2010 after I lost my dog Maya to cancer. My other dog, Maya, had been insured with Petplan and they handled the claim exceptionally well. So I made sure I got Piper insured immediately with Petplan. On Feb. 24th in the evening my dogs had an altercation with a feral Tom Cat. Other than a few scratches, they appeared to be fine, but the next morning, Piper was having severe pain in her right shoulder. I took her to the vet and X-rays were done to make sure she hadn't injured the shoulder. She was given Rimadyl for the pain and sent home. She improved on Sunday and Monday, but then on Tuesday she was really sick. She could hardly walk and her temperature was 106.6. She spent two days in the hospital on IV antibiotics and Rimadyl. Many test were conducted to check her CBC and organ functions, test for Tick Borne diseases were done as she had been a shelter dog and the symptoms appeared like Lyme disease, another test for cat scratch fever was done. All test came back negative, so the Vet was not able to get a true diagnosis. The medications seemed to work and she is fine now, but if these symptoms appear again, she will require a trip to a specialist. I got all the required paperwork needed to file the claim and faxed it over on March 9th. One week later I had my check. Everything was covered as expected and I had received an email letting me know they had received my faxed forms. If human insurance com

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Pyrexia of unknown orgin
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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