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I've had VPI insurance for my two young dogs since they were each a couple of months old. I never used insurance before, but after having a GSD with hip dyplasia, we thought that it was really a sound idea. The cost of the policy can be prohibitive; but like others have mentioned, you have to make choices as to how much coverage, deductible, etc. I tried to balance all of this in my decisions, but it is still something to seriously consider. For example, I took a lesser coverage and higher deductible on my new GSD puppy because the quote I got for the same coverages as I had obtained with the other dog was higher - probably due to breed only. I'm grateful that we did go ahead and get the insurance, though, because within a year and a half we had to have emergency surgery on our labradoodle. We ended up, because of the choices I'd made when signing up, getting back about $2500 of a $3000 bill. That is relief. And, they are good about processing in a timely manner. I do wish, though, that some covered items could just be directly paid/billed from the vet, with me paying the difference - something that more resembles human medical insurances. Maybe spays and neuters, routine vaccines? But overall, I've had good experiences with VPI and would recommend to any pet owner who is serious about the care of their pet, to look into obtaining some type of care policy for their pet.

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