Lucky & Louie

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We left our 2 dogs at a pet hotel for 2 nights while we attended a family obligation. On our way home the hotel called to say Louie the pug, wasn't walking. He couldn't stand up to be bathed. A pet hotel employee met us at the emergency vet. The vets report questioned if Louie had a serious, inherited, spinal problem. The cost to diagnose and prognosis was daunting! Louie was over-night at the vets to receive medications. Lucky went home with us. Before the night was over we were back at the emergency vet with Lucky. He had a spider bite which caused a whole body rash. The bite could have been life threatening. Louie left the vet walking the next day. The vet said it was a minor spine problem - but we always wondered if he had been spider bitten as well. Or had lyme disease. You just don't know what the next 24 hours holds for a pet, but we breathe easier knowing we have ASPCA insurance to help us. We've been back to the emergency vet many times. If I see another pet owner distressed from vet costs I always recommend ASPCA.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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