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We were Trupanion customers originally. We have a Newfoundland, so hip dysplasia was a rider for which we had to pay significantly more. Atop this, Newfs were a higher premium than even Bernese Mountain Dogs, who are widely known as a breed plagued by cancers. When we considered a second Newf, the premiums had increased significantly. Our dog had no health problems or claims on the policy, so we transferred our business to PetSecure. We have no exclusions at PetSecure, all conditions are covered (including hip dysplasia), and premioums are equal for all breeds. I will mention that following our decision to terminate our policy with Trupanion, we received two very aggressive and unpleasant phone calls -- wasn't very professional of them, I'm sorry to say. Trupanion may be right for some, but it wasn't right for our needs.

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Posted: 05/09/2012

I had pretty much the identical scenario only cancelling wasn't as easy as 2 calls. After being harassed 5 times about cancelling and them running down Petsecure numerous times I finally got the policy cancelled. Basically being told I'll regret it. I don't doubt that they offer decent coverage but like any insurance there is always exclusions, fine print, claim cost analysis etc. They just wouldn't accept that I made the buying choice that was right for our needs and that's an utter failure as an insurance company as they really aren't concerned with their customer's needs... just their bottom line. The service I received over all this was enough to reassure me that they are much less professional than originally thought. My vet referred them to me and I've consulted my vet to let them know the terrible experience I had.

Posted: 07/05/2012

Hi Derek and Hilary,Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We strive to keep premiums fair for each pet owner, and part of this means taking a look at the pet's breed as a factor. When calculating the premium for each pet, we look at our claims history for the average pet like yours based on age at enrollment, breed, geographical location, and deductible choice. For each group of 'like' pets, premiums are based so that we pay out on average 70 cents in claims for every dollar received in premiums. Because you saw a difference in price between Newfoundlands and Bernese Mountain Dogs, this would suggest that we have received many more claims for Newfs than for Bernese in your area. I hope this helps to clarify the difference in premiums.