Superbly pleased - with one exception

Out of 10

Once again I have received a superbly prompt and professional processing of my claim for one of my kitties. Laura Bennett is great! I am very happy with the work of the Embracers, and with the direct deposit of the refund being so convenient and quick. The one exception to my otherwise excellent experiences is that I believe a medically-prescribed item for my cat should be covered which isn't: Kristalose is being called a "supplement" - but in the case of my cat it is being used as a medical *treatment* for serious constipation tendencies. The Kristalose is necessary *in addition* to my cat's prescription food specifically designed to aid her digestion. I was unpleasantly surprised that the Kristalose is not covered, especially because it is *prescribed* by my cat's veterinarian and I have to buy it about every 2 months on an ongoing basis or my cat starts getting *sick.* So while usually I give Embrace a "10" in my ratings, this time I'll have to go for an "8" because of the Kristalose non-coverage issue.

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prescribed diet food and Kristalose
Claim Amount
Under $100

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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