Banfield is a SCAM operation

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We have the 'wellness plan' for Banfield which covers unlimited visits. I called today, March 13, to make an urgent appointment for my dog to be seen. I was told that the first appointment is in early April. When I expressed my concern that my dog needs to be seen sooner I was told to go somewhere else. Two things here, the wellness plan is a total ripoff. The staff told me when I was considering the plan that I could walk in anytime with my pet and be taken care of at that time. This is absolutely not true. Also, when my dog had her semiannual check up I had to leave her there for half and a day. I was not able to see/meet the vet. I now wonder if a vet actually examined my dog. If you are considering Banfield for your pet please DO NOT take the wellness plan. It is a SCAM. You would serve yourself and your pet better to go to a reputable 'traditional' vet.

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Renal (kidney)

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1 - 8

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