I made a big mistake using petplan

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I made my first claim March 29. It is now may 20 and I have not heard anything other than request for more records. All records submitted as requested and still at the “in review phase”. I have made 4 phone calls and each say they will ensure the records are forwarded. When I state that was the response I had the last two times it’s like they don’t know what else to say. I have switched to trupanion for my other dog as thy pay the vet directly and I won’t have to go through this constantly. Of course I can’t switch the one with the current claim as it would now be considered an existing condition.
Their advertisement states “get paid in days not weeks” I’m now into months.
I sent an email to the company and it is 12 days later and I have not received any response.

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French Bulldog

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1 - 8

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