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We recently adopted a rescue who was supposed to be euthanized about a month ago. I immediately purchased petplan insurance, Gold, as I wanted to make sure he would be covered if anything was ever to happen - we were able to get him to the vet after about 3-4 weeks of having him only to find out he had Whip Worms, (+) Lymes, and developed other gastrointestinal issues a week and a half later. Because I did not have him on preventative medication, which obviously we couldn't do WITHOUT seeing a vet first, they refused to cover any medication for the Whips or Lymes both for treatment and preventative for the future (roughly $600.00). I had heard nothing but good things about this company and when calling to discuss the issue figured we would be able to come to some agreement, was told that I should have or the shelter should have had him on preventative meds, even though he tested negative previously for worms while under their care. And regardless they would not cover this cost as it is able to be prevented. This is a ridiculous clause as new owners have no ability to put their dogs on a preventative whip worm/lymes medication without a Vet's prescription (Prevention of WhipwormsMost over-the-counter de-worming medications do not effectively prevent or resolve whipworm infections The best way to control these parasites is to use prescription de-wormers, and it is well worth a trip to the veterinarian to obtain them. Milbemycin oxime reportedly is an excellent preventative

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