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My slogan as I age is, "I can afford the premium, but can't afford the bill" I have a triple cancer rider, and would recommend it to all, because 50% of all dogs die of cancer. Shocking, but true. Cancer treatment for pets is very expensive, as is any vet. visit. I've been with VPI almost 15 years and am very satisfied, although I think their premiums are a bit higher than other similar plans. VPI paid for about 80% of a $9,000 bill for cancer treatment. Pretty good, says me. It is also wise to get insurance when a dog or cat is very young so no pre existing conditions are present, or down the road it could cost you big time, and insurance company's are known for their desire to not pay if they can find any way at all to say it was pre-existing, or a complication from a pre existing condition. Protect yourself, or the ins. company will definitely find a way to screw you.....like all predators do, and the insurance industry is full of cheats, predators and excuses. Get it while they're young and no pre existing conditions, or you'll likely be wasting your money and setting yourself up for brain damage later on as they explain to you why you don't qualify for this or that. Be Warned.....and VPI,although an excellent company, is no different than the rest of 'em. I would council any pet owner to get insurance for their pet. there are lots of company's to choose from. I chose VPI and have been 100% satisfied to date.

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