Pet Owner's Nightmare

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I became a Pet's Best policy holder in November of 2011. At the time my 1 year and 3 month old American Bulldog had a torn ligament in his knee. The Vet told us that surgery would be the best for my dog because he was concerned about the knee becoming a problem for my dog in his later years. The surgery was done at the same time in November that our policy took effect. The insurance did not cover this surgery and we where fully aware of that. At Christmas (over a full month and a half later) our bulldog started limping on his front left paw, so we took him in on 12/26/2011. The vet did not seem very concerned and treated the dog for an infection. His next check up was in a week on 1/2/2012. We came in for the check up and were floored when the vet told us that they thought J-Beau had cancer. We asked the vet for his opinion on our best options. He told us that there is a cancer specialist in Knoxville, Tenn. that could diagnose and maybe give us a selection of treatment options. So we drove from Peachtree City, Georgia (25 miles south of Atlanta) to Knoxville, Tennessee that very day. The Vet in Knoxville made the diagnoses of bone sarcoma after doing a biopsy. The vet also said that this seemed to be a very aggressive tumor in J-Beau's shoulder. The specialist also told us that amputation was J-Beau's best option for survival. We scheduled the earliest appointment possible for J-Beau's amputation. A few weeks later J-Beau started chemotherapy. Now in the mid

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Posted: 04/19/2012

Hi Stewart, unfortunately your full review didn't appear here, so we can't specifically address your concern. It sounds like your dog may have had a pre-existing cancer. Please contact Customer Care at 877-738-7237 if you'd like to speak with someone about your policy coverage. We hope your dog is doing well.