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Marketing information and websites are nice but ultimately I can only rate a company once there is meaningful interaction and with insurance that usually means a claim. My cocker spaniel had been insured for about a year. She had pre-existing cataracts so those were not covered. I decided to pay for the surgery to remove one from her right eye. It went well but several months later glaucoma developed as happens occasionally after cataract surgery. The glaucoma escalated so quickly that her optic nerve became damaged and her vision once again was very poor in that eye. So I decided to have the left eye catract removed and also do a preventative surgery to avoid any possibility of glaucoma in that eye in the future. I wanted her to have at least good sight in one eye. Because glaucoma is painful - I also had another surgery in the right eye to alleviate the glaucoma. The amount of money spent was astronomical -- $6000 not including medicines (on top of the previous cataract surgery a few months earlier). I made a claim requesting reimbursement for the expenses related to the glaucoma. I submitted very complex bills because of the multiple surgeries done simultaneously and asked that for a pro-rated share of the surgical and hospital costs for the glaucoma. I wasn't sure it would be covered at all since it was possibly the result of the cataract surgery (which was not covered).
Well, it was covered! And my reimbursement was EXTREMELY generous in how they al

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Cocker Spaniel

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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