The Wellness plan was a joke.

Out of 10

I brought my kitten to visit only for once. They tried so hard to get me on the wellness plan, told me I could cancel it at anytime just call. Here is the catch, that total amount, is your debt forever. Over charged visit, scammed with the plan, never visited again.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

American Curl Shorthair

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 03/29/2012

You were lucky. It took Banfield 5 minutes to enroll me in their insurance plans, and today March 29, 2012, it has taken me more than 30 minutes on my cell phone, just waiting on line for a human operator while being tortured with their advertisement, to hear if I can get out. Finally I got an operator, ready and trained to fight me. I have two dogs in the plan, and I stopped monthly charges to my credit card, but for the other one, my ex has to call them because is her credit card. hahahahahahahaha!!! What a joke. This complaint goes to my Facebook's wall too.