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After being customers for almost 10 years, we were surprised by the negative experience we recently had when trying to submit a rather large claim:

1. We were told to submit our claim via their new app. Their app kept crashing.
2. After waiting weeks with the app crashing, we gave up and submitted our claim manually.
3. Manual submission date was 94 days after the service date. They will not process claims greater than 90 days old. We were never aware of this (it's in the fine print of a 30 pg terms and conditions document).
4. After explaining the delay was because their app kept crashing, they said there's nothing we can do since we did not tell them the app didn't work sooner.

It appears to us that they rely on a faulty web app so that people can't submit claims, and then when they do manually, if it's past the arbitrary 90 day submission deadline (even four days!) hidden in the fine print they have a mechanism to deny the claim. We were very disappointed and after speaking to multiple people on the phone, including the claims manager, they essentially said nothing can be done since it was filed past 90 days. They don't consider that we tried to get their app working before then.

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