Thank You Healthy Paws.

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I recently lost one of my pugs due to an extended illness and incurred staggering amount of vet bills. I told myself never again and wanted to get insurance on my younger pug, who is 6 years old. So I had him go get his annual office visit and he came out with flying colors. When we got him home from the vet, I went online and enrolled him. It was great peace of mind knowing that he had a clean bill of health and I had taken him for a visit per the requirements of this insurance. Incredibly, a lowly 18 days later, my pug had a bladder stone that obstructed his ureter and I had to rush him to the hospital where he had emergency surgery. Per the agreement, Healthy Paws paid its portion of my $4500 vet bill promptly once I provided them my pugs complete medical history. I can't say enough positive things about the experience. Thanks Healthy Paws. You made my Christmas!

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bladder stone
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Over $1000


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Over 8 years

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