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My dog got a ear hematoma. I called a mobile Vet to come see her.She is older and I wanted to be with her during the surgery.
I am a ex vet tech. My other dog pass away from being sick and have surgery when he was older and ear hematoma is minor surgery.
She is doing great. She wears her e-color and its draining and I wash it every day. She is almost out of her Chewable AB's. I really like this Vet and want to use him again.
But Pet's Best is keep calling him, want more info?
He's going to do a re check and I will have to submit another claim for it.
I feel like these pet ins Co. are a rip off. This is the first time I've use these ins since I've had it in like 5 yrs.
I will change this report if they pay. But it seem like they are trying to get out of paying.
Update: got a email last night they are bugging the Vet for "more info". :(

Update: Now they want the Vet files from when I enrolled her in 2009! The got the Vet so pissed he hung up on them!
They are most likely looking for a pre-existing condition like "She has ears...sooooooooo...." I would switch if I could, but she is 10 yrs old.
When your looking for Pet ins I would skip Pets Best.
I asked the Vet which one and he said he hears good things about VPI.
Still waiting.
Now the guy says re-exsiting condition, like she "has ears"!!!
Unfrickin' believable. As I recall when i signed up that if the dog hadn't been in for this condition in 6 mos it is not a "pre-exsisting" condition. But having ears is! I

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Ear hematoma
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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