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I am very pleased at how helpful Embrace has been to me and my furbaby Mr. Boots a gray and white kitty. I was very distressed one day when I noticed Mr. Boots had a wound on his belly and so I took him to the vet who said he thought it was a bite wound from something like a snake . The doc then cleaned the wound and healed it with antibiotics.And you can imagine how happy and relieved I was that Mr. Boots got cured and that we had a good insurance like Embrace to also take the financial worries away as well.You can tell they are about pets with the true quality caring helpful service they provide as well as their giving to animal charities when you buy a policy from them(which in my book is very admirable),so you can't help but love a company with their happy customer service record and that's simply amazing!So if their are any uninsured pet parents who need good insurance, I would say get Embrace . Thanks so much,Sincerely,Ms.Melissa Fudge & furbaby Boots

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Maine Coon

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