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Mugsy, my almost 9 year old boxer (boxer lifespan is 8-10 years) was drinking too much water, not eating much, lethargic for quite some time, groaned when he laid down (thought it was old age!). Took him for checkup and after blood test-high white cell count-and an MRI, vet found a very large mass, possibly cancer, wrapped around his spleen that had apparently been there for a long time! Poor guy! Emergency surgery the next day, vet was candid he may not survive the surgery. Not only did he survive, and with no cancer- it was an abcess, a few days after surgery he was thriving! Running around like a crazy puppy boxer chasing his 3 year old boxer sister, eating ravenously, and being lavish with his kisses. To make it even better, Embrace quickly reviewed the claim and paid immediately. What a relief! It's the reason I have had insurance since Mugsy was 2, just for something like this. Thank you, Embrace!!

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Splenal mass
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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