without pet plan I wouldn't have my dog right now

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My dog buddy is a sheperd mix, big boy of 86 lbs. He was born on july 4th 2010. not even 2 yet and he has had 3 surgeries already. He is a great companion except he has a thing for eating rocks. Yes swallowing them. The 1st time he did it we had to pay out of pocket $2000. to remove 3 rocks from his belly. thats when we got Pet Plan, and boy am I so thankful that we did because within 6 weeks he was back in surgery again with 3 more rocks. Now we have went quite a long time and no problems so I thought this rock thing was all behind us but boy was I wrong. 3 weeks ago I took him to the vet and the x-ray showed 14 yes 14 rocks lined up inside him. If not for pet plan this dumb as a rock dog that is loved so much would have had to be put to sleep. because pet plan stood by their word and covered 90 percent my dog is still with us... So thank you Pet Plan I have already sent people your way to get their pets insured

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swallowed rocks
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Shepherd Mix

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Over 8 years

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