Saved Norman's Life Twice!!

Out of 10

VPI was instrumental in saving my dog's life twice in a short period of time. The first incident, Norman had a bowel obstruction due to his love of eating cloth, I rushed him to the vet, he had surgery immediately and aspiration pneumonia on top of the obstruction. Knowing that VPI had great reimbursement I did not hesitate to authorize the emergency surgery and follow-up care. The second time Norman almost died was due to snail bait inhalation. He was helping me in the garden and unknowing to me stuck his nose in a small amount of snail bait. Two hours later at midnight, he awoke with tremors and the inability to walk. I immediately took him to the 24 hour ER vet, he was in grave condition and having seizures. If I had waited all night to take him to my regular vet in the morning, he would have died. Again, knowing that I had VPI to back me up financially I didn't hesitate to rush him to the hospital.

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Snail Bait Poison
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Over $1000

Terrier Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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