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Loki, my boxer, is a year and half old and has been on VPI since he was 8 weeks. He has had his share of accidents and sicknesses in his short life so far. He had a neck injury, ear problems, colds, pancreatitus, seasonal allergies, food alleriges, and probably other things I am forgetting to mention. Recently, he had to spend a day and a half in the vet hospital in emergency care for pancreatitus and without VPI he might not be here today. I knew that I would be reimbursed for most of his vet expenses and I was; after I paid my $500 deductable. Without VPI, I probably would have just taken the risk that he pulled through the night instead of keeping him on the IV fluids and doing the necessary testing he needed. I didn't have to say no to any of their suggestions and my regular vet was understanding for his follow up care and allowed me to wait to pay her until after I got my checks from VPI; which came pretty quickly. I also have the coverage for routine care, which also helps out a lot. I don't have to worry about being able to afford shots, blood work, etc. for their yearly check ups; even my cat sees the vet at least twice a year now! Thank you VPI for everything you offer. The only suggestion I would have is to offer coverage for perscription diet foods for pets that need them as part of the extra coverage that is an option to purchase. It's rising in cost and my boxer has to be on ultra-hypoallergenic food for his food allergies and it's $85 for a 25 pound b

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