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BUYER BE WARE!!! IF YOUR PET HAD ANY SYMPTOM PRIOR TO THE INSURANCE THEY WILL NOT PAY FOR ANY ILLNESS/CONDITION OR DIAGNOSTICS FOR ANY CONDITION WHETHER THERE WAS NO DIAGNOSIS OR TREATMENT OR A TOTALLY THERE WAS A TOTALLY UNRELATED CONDITION. My dog had urination/drinking problem which he was treated for a urinary tract infection. They also did a blood test and he had an elevated ALT. I enrolled in Petplan shortly after and sent in all my records. They had no problem enrolling me and taking my premium payments without telling me of any exclusions. He has had several tests for liver bile, blood tests, urine tests and Low Dose Dex tests to detect possible cushings. To date they have not diagnosed any condition. I have been paying for premiums which has increased significantly every year without prior notice and yet they claim that the two symptoms could be a preexisting condition. Now I am taking him to a specialist for further diagnostics which they claim they pay for but to date they have denied me every claim. How can there be a preexisting symptoms for which there has been no treatment or diagnosis for three years. Now he is having problems with a very distended stomach and is having problems walking as well as lethargy. I have appealed two times and had my vet write a letter. I am currently talking to the claims manager and underwriters to see what is even covered as now I am paying over $500 for one pet and it seems they just about won't cover anything internal

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Cairn Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 03/11/2012

No insurance company will pay for conditions that were pre-existing- not sure why this is a surprise. That was the first question I asked when shopping for insurance for my dog.

Posted: 03/17/2012

I'm still shopping for insurance, and haven't decided on a company yet, but Pet Plan CLEARLY indicates this in all of their literature. Also, all of the symptoms you're listing are usually related in GI disorders (liver, pancreas, intestines, etc..). So while you may not have an official diagnosis yet you have already stated that there have been a slew of symptoms. I'm looking for insurance for my cat because of an unexpected very expensive illness. I am clear that anything related to this moving forward won't be covered,but she's young and who knows what might happen.

Posted: 04/26/2012

I am considering cancelling with Petplan and getting my cat's insurance through another pet insurance company. Although they are very prompt responding to claims submitted by my vet, I really don't appreciate the fact that the $100. deduction is per condition and not an annual deduction. Also, they're very sneaky with their calculation of expenses they will cover, and what isn't covered. The math on their claim results/calculations don't add up. My other beloved cat, who lived until the ripe old age of 18, was covered by another pet insurance, and they were very thorough with itemizing deductions per bill, did cover treatment of problems indirectly related to his pre-existing condition, and covered at least the office visit fees. I thought I'd try Petplan for my 8 year old cat based on so many raving reviews, but I'm very disappointed.I think I'll cancel and go with the other pet insurance company.