Thank goodness for pet plan!

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I have two cats. Niles is a siamese and Frasier is a tonkanese. Both have had their illnesses, Niles has a constant upper resperatory illness and gets bad head colds. Ever see a cat with a head cold? Not pretty! Frasier, my tonk, he has a heart condition, herpies of the eye, glaucoma, and vestibular syndrome, along with other conditions involving his small intestine. Petplan has paid everything without question, including mri's, xrays, ultrasounds and all of their meds. My husband says it's the second best thing i've ever done was to get pet insurance, the first was finding him. I tell everyone I meet about Petplan. I am a petsitter and I tell all my clients and my family about how everyone should have pet insurance. They're prompt on payments and there are no hassels. I know one thing, they beat people insurance, we should only be so lucky. Thankyou Petplan!

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Eye problem

vestibular syndrome, herpies of the eye, glaucoma, heart murmer,uri
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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