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I got ASPCA for my english bulldog right away when i got him, he was only about 10 weeks old. Well, while waiting for the insurance to kick in which is usually 30 days, he ended up having pneumonia, so he was coughing and vomiting, so I took hime to the vet, he ended up in the emergency hospital for a whole weekend which cost me an arm and a leg but I dealt with it since the insurance waiting period didn't kick in yet. So about a couple months after, he started vomiting again and after having an xray done, nothing showed, he needed to be hospitalized several times due to dehydration but I didn't really worry since i already had insurance. Well, after going back and forth to the vet, I decided to take him to a different vet where they did an ultrasound and found ulcers in his esophocus and stomach. very expensive procedure but again I thought I don't have to worry, ASPCA will cover 80% of all that mess. Well I was wrong. After he was cured, I was well over $5000 dollars from all the tests, hospitalization and all. I sent in all the claims and they denied it saying since he vomited before the insurance kicked in, they are calling it pre-existing. I got a letter from each vet stating that he was vomiting before due to pheumonia, this now is ulcers and it should be covered. But they denied everything. And whats worse is that I got the best plan that I pay over $60 a month. They said I can write a letter stating why ASPCA should pay but honestly, I highly doubt that will help. Any

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Over $1000

English Bulldog

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Under a year

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