Very disappointed in Pet Plan

Out of 10

My dog had an ACL injury 1 years and 3 days after his first one (which is required by the policy), Pet Plan "denied" the claim due to a date input error on their staffs part showing it was prior to the one year requirement. They also covered themself by saying he hurt his ACL due to the signs of arthritis he has experienced in the past, which caused my vet to about wet his pants laughing. The vet wrote a letter telling them their excuse for denying the claim was rediculous and that the signs of arthritis was no way a cause of the ACL injury. I sent all the required documents for an appeal to Pet Plan on December 23, 2011, recieved an email shortly thereafter telling me that all documents have been recieved and cases are resolved in 2-4 weeks. Here I sit 8 weeks later with no resolution, yet when you call them and their hold music makes you feel all warm and fuzzy stating "they will not abandon you or your pet in your time of need". Yeah right! I would highly recommend NOT using Pet Plan for your pet insurance. Find someone else, I am going to.

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ACL Injury
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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