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Based on my previous review, I received a call from Fabrice (supposedly the supervisor who never called me back) and told me he asked my vet for prior records. Minnie was seen for a sprain in December 2011, which I disclosed on my application. He said the doctor stated that Minnies knees were compromised prior to the policy date. My doctor states the records "possible acl", but she did not do xrays and she did not make a definitive diagonis. And it was a sprain. It healed. In February, she was tear-assing around the back yard and came in limping. We waited a day to see if she just sprained it again and took her to VCA Westside, our regular vet. I called the doctor and she said it was most likely her knee this time. But PetPlan is attempting to make it a preexisting condition based on a sprain she received a month before. Of course, Fabrice was unreachable, as usual, and the first vet is going to contact them to say that it was a sprain and not the knee. But you know PetPlan won't pay anyway. I am so upset that they did this.
If you require a pet to have an exam within 30 days to cover SPECIFIC items that the majority of dogs don't get, why not just state that right up front, before you issue the policy? Because you wouldn't be able to exclude anyone - that's why.

They won't even pay for the visit!~

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