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I am so grateful for Embrace. I have been with this company since my 5 year old golden/lab was a puppy and they have always been easy and pleasant to deal with. When I found out that she needed a new hip due to hip dysplasia and had been living in pain and I didn't realize it, I was devastated. But, she was able to get a new hip that will provide her with pain free quality of life for what I hope is many, many years. Without this she would have been in pain for the rest of her life. Embrace approved the process (not a cheap surgery) and paid 80%, exactly what my policy says. There was very little beauracracy or paperwork to go through in order to get this approved, and I am actually so amazed that this worked, and the check arrived in a very timely manner. I was prepared to go into debt in order to provide my girl with the surgery she needed, and the benefit of having most of it paid for was just icing on the cake!!! Thanks, Embrace. I highly recommend this service. I also love that you can choose your own deductible, yearly limit, copays, etc, in order to make things affordable or individualized just for yourself.
Not to mention, they checked in and asked how things have been going after the surgery. They are pleasant on the phone and always helpful.

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total hip replacement surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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