Banfield - BEWARE!

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You can compare Banfield to a manufacturing plant/factory. Pets come in and out like clockwork. There will never be a personal connection with your pet and a loving vet. The vet turnover is high as well, so that relationship you crave for between your pet and a reputable vet is non-existant. Along with this, your are just a number. Your relationship with the company doesn't matter, they don't care if they lose you and will never attempt to share a high level of customer service with you. They will reel you in with "wellness plans". If only the value was truly there! It seems like an excellent idea at first because WOW all shots are covered, a dental cleaning, and unlimited office visits. You are spending $300-$500 a year on this just to feel that safety net that you have those services for free. When the time comes to count on them though, the additional charges will start appearing. "This" is not covered, "that" is not covered. We will give you a discount on the overpriced medicines. Need complicated procedures? You'll have to go to a specialist not associated with Banfield -- so add on those costs on top of the wellness plan. What is more entertaining is their antiquated system for keeping your pets records. God forbid that you take this pet from someone else that has them on their current wellness plan and you move. You will NOT be able to start them in your name unless you renew the plan and move them to your own record (if the previous owner has other

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Eye problem


Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Tibetan Spaniel

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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