Worst insurance ever! They auto-reject all claims.

Out of 10

I have had petplan for almost 2 years, and in those two years I have NEVER had any luck getting a claim approved.Their favorite excuse is "pre-existing" symptoms. Sorry, just because a dog has has bladder problems before, does not mean all bladder problems are automatically related.

When there is no grounds for labeling it pre-existing, they simply tell you that the claim exceeds the allowed amount for treatment. They lure customers in offering 100% reimbursement, but then reject every claim. And what good is 100% reimbursement when limits are put on how much expenses can be.

They also like to tell you "You could avoid this by getting pre-authorized every claim."

I'm sorry, when my dog is requiring urgent medical care, I do NOT have the time to submit pre-authorization forms and wait days for a response just to see if the insurance will cover it. Also, in emergencies (where this usually becomes a problem) I do not have time to compare or worry about whether the fees my emergency vet is charging me will exceed the limits of the policy.

Also, I've TRIED the pre-auth route... It should be called Pre-Reject, because that's all the process is for.

I have regretted switching insurance companies since day 1. I have wasted THOUSANDS of dollars on this company, for NOTHING. The ONLY reason I haven't switched back is because my dogs currently have some medical issues that would not be covered on new policies because of waiting periods, and I cannot risk that.

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Renal (kidney)


Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Siberian Husky

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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