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Please see an exerp from an email that I sent to Trupainion upon completion of my claim:
"I received 3 claim process notices (the one here 271018, 269924 & 269923). My query regards why I was charged 2 deductibles when this was all done in 1 procedure. 1 on the claim here (27018) and as well on 269923. I do note that Trupainion has divided the claim into 2, but I am sure that you can appreciate that the scheduling for these procedures were to save money (for Trupanion as well as us) on anaesthetics as well as undue stress on Zeus if we were to have done this one 2 separate occasions."

Trupanion's response is below:

"Our deductibles are per condition. As Zeus was under he was treated for the masses as well as his oral care. As there are two different condition we had to apply the deductible to both conditions."

I cannot tell you how utterly disappointed I was with this response.

Tina Furber

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Masses and deformed teeth
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Wire Fox Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 03/22/2012

Hi Tina,I apologize for your disappointment. It is true that our deductibles are applied per-condition as opposed to per vet bill, so if your pet were to receive treatment for multiple conditions at once, the deductibles would apply for each. That is the downside.
On the bright side, however, our deductibles are lifetime which means that any future claims related to the masses or oral car for the rest of Zeus' life would not require any further deductibles and would be eligible for coverage at 90%.