Frustrating, inefficient claims process

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I got Pets Best after thoroughly researching numerous insurance companies out there, and based on reviews Pets Best appeared a great option - most reviews stated quick claims processing and payment of a large portion of vet bills. I have been with them 6+ months and submitted my 1st claim (only for $200) over 1.5 months ago - both my vet and I have gone in circles with them since then and the claim is still unresolved. They 1st contacted me about needing paperwork from the vet - completely understandable. Since my cat had only been to this vet once, I promptly let them know this and also gave them the contact info for her regular vet she had seen her whole life so they could ascertain "pre-existing illnesses" (none existed). A week or so later I was informed via email that my claim was closed because the vet that had seen my cat for her unexpected illness had not sent in records from the one visit. They did not enlist my help is contacting my vet or let me know they were having difficulty reaching them, rather they simply closed my claim out. I was frustrated with this and let them know, and in response a representative called me personally which I was pleasantly surprised by. This has been the only positive aspect of this frustrating, time-consuming process.
As soon as I was made aware of my vet not sending in the paperwork and my claim being subsequently closed, I contacted my vet who promptly sent in the paperwork from the one visit. Another week or 2 later P

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GI (diarrhea)
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Himalayan Seal Point

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 03/12/2012

Hi Tanya, we’re sorry your claims experience didn’t meet your expectations. We strive to process all claims within 5 business days.
When medical records are required, we work directly with the policyholder’s vet so there’s no extra work for the pet owner. We also send periodic updates via email to let the policyholder know the status of the requested records.
Your review wasn’t fully posted here, but you noted that we’ve already been in touch. Please contact our Customer Care team at 877-738-7237 if we can be of further assistance.