Charges ins. for deceased pet but not live one

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After ~13 years with Banfield I cancelled them after dealing one time with their Customer Service department. One of my pet dogs died in March 2013 and Banfield continued to bill me monthly. I tried to make an appointment for another one of my pet dogs in person at the local hospital and was told I did not have insurance for that dog, but did have insurance for the deceased pet. I asked why that was and the hospital could not give me any info as to why. I called the 1.888 number and spoke to one representative who gave me some information, but stated that I had to speak to cancellation department. She transferred me to Cancellation, after speaking with the 2nd Representative, she stated that I could not Cancel coverage on deceased pet since wife signed agreement, event though bill was being paid out of my personal checking account. The 2nd pet did not have insurance coverage as that insurance was setup via a debit card which had expired, and Banfield was not able to charge me, hence no insurance coverage. Well at that point I lost it and I just stopped the nonsensical discussion from the CSR and told her that i was stopping authorization for Banfield to auto-debit my Checking account. I called my bank and stopped Banfield charges. Seems Banfield can charge insurance for a dead pet but not a live pet.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 01/13/2014

I have had a similar experience. My cat has been gone since September and they made me pay out the rest of my wellness plan OR pay the difference between the monthly fee and the costs I would have had to pay for if I didn't have a wellness plan. How awful to pay for an animal that died!!! I will not be renewing my wellness plans for the other two cats. The representative said that it is a case by case basis but I guess in my case I have to pay for me dead pet and you did too :( Sorry and I completely understand!!! I would not recommend Banfield Wellness Plans