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Our Yellow Lab (nearly 11 years old)recently passed away quietly at home. We are so grateful that we carried VPI Pet Insurance since he joined our family at only 8 weeks of age. Thruout the past 10.5 years it has been necessary to submit claims to VPI for a variety of reasons and we have always received prompt processing and communication. How reassuring to know that no matter what the reason, our pet was at the vet as soon as needed. Our most costly claim was a toxic liver failure reaction to the prescribed arthritis medication last December. Between vet visits 2-3 times a week, lab tests, xrays and medications we paid out approximately $3,000 within a 6 week span of time. VPI was consistently there for us with reimbursement for our out of pocket expenses. The Wellness Plan(s) also reimburses a portion of wellness checks, vaccinations, heartworm meds and flea and tick prevention. When our loving pet passed away VPI not only reimbursed us for his cremation, but also sent us a rebate check for the balance of our unused portion of the insurance. Although we dearly miss our pet we have recently adopted an 8 week old lab mix puppy and guess what? Our rebate check has now been used to purchase VPI Insurance coverage for our new little guy. Thank You are the BEST!! I always recommend you to new pet owners.

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Osteoarthritis/Adverse Reaction to Medication
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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