Skeptical about Pet Ins? Don't be. Call Embrace

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We've rescued several dogs over the years but after purchasing an English Mastiff from a breeder, we did some research and found that pet insurance was a good idea. We bought it from Embrace after researching several companies and their prices and options. Embrace was the clearest to understand and had the options we felt we needed. Our dog is about 17 months old now and very healthy, thankfully. But having Embrace gives us the peace of mind that later in life, should there be issues, she will be covered. Two options I like most: the ability to change your deductibles, which greatly impacts your annual premium and also the "flexible spending account" option. That's probably not the correct name but it allows me to spend money on anything, routine or not and then be reimbursed to a certain extent. I pay about $30/mo. to cover our baby. I pay $100/mo. for my car and $131/mo. for my house. This is well worth the $30!

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