I love Banfield

Out of 10

My Banfield hospital in Levittown NY is awesome the staff is great, I love the wellness plan I brought my girl in yesterday for a full exam and shots it came to $614 and i paid nothing..the wellness plan is NOT pet insurance and its a 1 yr contact some people need to do some more research before deciding on something this important!

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/19/2012

this review must be a joke of some kind or either you're taking a very strong psychotropic medication along with hallucinogens or extreme abuse of some type of mind-altering substance. are you aware that you're reviewing BANFIELD!?!? Banfield is lucky more people didn't do more research before deciding on the Wellness Plans or else they would go out of business because if everyone knew what a SCAM this corporation was, no more new contracts would be signed. People are trying to look out for the health of their beloved pets and are getting railroaded and taken advantage of by this gigantic company with predatory tactics and impossible terms, more disadvantages than advantages and way fewer benefits than it promises, paying more out of pocket than ever imagined when they would spend less at a private vet. All this after thinking they would be saving money and having 35 bucks drawn from their accounts monthly.

Posted: 03/29/2012

Sounds like you work there!! They suck!!