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My dog has been insured with Trupanion since May of 2011 and I have had to submit several claims since that time. I decided to go with the $0 deductible plan, as I really liked the idea of getting my vet costs almost completely reimbursed. I also purchased the endorsement which will cover hip dysplasia (for a nominal extra premium). The plan I chose to go with pays 90% of all covered expenses. The other company I had prior to Trupanion was woefully inadequate in paying out for much of anything and I ended up with huge costs that they just did not,no illness/condition, etc. that was considered "hereditary" or "genetic" was covered by them either. Trupanion also states that they do not raise the insurance premiums as the pet ages (with minor exceptions). The service I have received has been prompt and absolutely more than satisfactory. I have recommended Trupanion to many people who have dogs and cats. Choosing Trupanion was the best decision I ever made for my Golden Retriever.

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parasite infestations, virus, etc.
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
Under a year

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