Went with Embrace because they had Dental Coverage

Out of 10

When I researched Embrace 2010 and decided that they offered a very complete insurance policy including Dental I decided it would be the best signed up and payed. Well I'm glad I got pet insurance, because my dog has had soo many issues. New policy for 2012 eliminates Dental you can buy a wellness plan if you pay an extra $299 with a $400 limit for dental issues. Which works out to $101.00 woppie savings big deal you don't use it you lose it too. Most dental proceeders cost more than $400 anyway. Now I'm stuck with this insurance company because of course most insurance companies will not take preexisting condition!So beware it might look good one year but they hook you and take it away. Also they make it so hard to file claims if you forget to dot the I. My thought on this is more difficult to file claim the insurance company is hoping you will give up so they don't have to pay.

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Eye problem

Skin problem





inability to eat
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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