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The banfield I worked at was so money hungry I couldn't believe my ears. Charging people for iv catheters for a cat neuter! Techs often perform the neuters they are so quick and easy, not even considered a sterile procedure. We were helping an employee with a bottle feeding kitten once, and the office manager was so set on making more money that she told me if I had "nothing better to do then feed it" I should be out pushing our services on petsmart shoppers, and if she saw me feeding again I would be sent home! The kitten died! They will do anything for more money, and they will harass you with phone calls!

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Posted: 08/09/2012

This comment is a little inaccurate. I work at a Banfield and in no way do vet techs perform neuters. It's pretty ignorant of someone to actually post something ridiculous like that. Only veterinarians perform surgeries and shame on you for trying to say that technicians do it. As far as the office manager comment I really can't comment since I don't work there, but if it's true you can report it. If you have such an issue with the company that pays your bills then maybe you should find another, nobody is forcing you to work there.