More negatives than positives

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I am finding it harder to recommend Petsecure to my friends more than ever before. While I have had the positives, like dental injuries being covered and in a timely fashion, I feel that I have been plagued with red tape and have had to fight too much to make this policy worth it. This summer I purchased an adult dog who I believed was healthy. She was intact as she was selected for breeding purposes. She had been to a vet before I purchased her and all was fine. I brought her to my vet and signed up for the vetstart quick as it only has a 48 hour waiting period for illness or injury and I knew what plan I wanted. The vet that examined her that said said she had a false pregnancy and that her hocks hyperextended...fine, I understood that would be included,even though hocks hyperextending is a very common finding in dogs. A week later I had her hips and elbows xrayed for breeding clearances, only to find she had hip dysplasia. When talking to an insurance represenative this past fall I had mentioned that she had been spayed and they said they would review the exclusions as reproductive issues won't be a problem now that she had been spayed. I have since gotten a letter stating that her hips will not be included, even though it was discovered after her waiting period and she is not clinical. She was even taken to a board certified specialist who wasn't concerned about them at all as her muscling is good and she's not lame. I am very upset by this as I would have wait

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Hip Dysplasia
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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