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I have had insurance since my puppy was 8 months old. She is now 4 1/2 and has been diagnosed with lymphoma. Her inital aspirations of her glands cost $151..the insurance co only considered this test to be $58 and therefore only reimbursed me 80% of that amount. Now she is undergoing chemotherapy and she only has a $1500 limit. She policy expires in May of 2012 and then becomes a pre exsisting condition and will not be covered. The insurance co now has a new plan offering continuing coverage, but of course they never told me and now it's too late. My husband and I have been researching pet insurance for any future puppy, and through this same co..they do have a better plan but even on their continuing coverage (cancer, heart etc) they will only reimburse 80% (even if you chose a higher amount) and they put a cap for lifetime limit of $6K. My dog has gone through 4 of her 12 treatments and I'm well into $3k right now due to tests, hospitalizations etc... if you have a dog that is going to have a life long can they cap you on that. I really liked my insurance, but now going to have to look elsewhere

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Posted: 03/01/2012

Had the same problem with petfirst health plan years ago. I know have petplan..gopetplan.
My cat is diabetic..heart problems and hyperthyroid...they paid over a 7000 dollar vetbill for the heart problem and cardiolgy test BEFORE...i even got my credit card bill.
There is no preexisting conditions..the illness is covered for the life of the pet., cat is diabetic..EVERY blood visit and medication will be covered FOR HER ENTIRE LIFE. I can't begin to tell you how happy i am with them.