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When I decided to purchase health insurance for my two pugs I researched most of the plans that were available. Embrace offered the most flexibility in terms of customizing the plan. I was able to choose dental prescription benefits, the co-payment, deductible, and the yearly maximum that seemed best for our needs. Most insurance plans seemed to top out at a much lower yearly limit, $5,000- $7,000 as opposed to $10,000/yr. offered by Embrace. Also, there is no sub-limit for continuing care. This has become a very important feature since my 8 yr. old pug was diagnosed with cancer. She has a serious mast cell tumor on her muzzle which required tricky surgery to remove. She will also require radiation and follow-up monitoring. Her prognosis looks good because with insurance I can afford the best possible treatment for her. The re-imbursements are made in a timely manner, which is important because all Vet bills have to be payed when services are rendered. I don't need to delay treatment because I'm waiting for an insurance payment to help pay for the next round of Vet bills.

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